What is e-Vita Wellness

e-Vita Wellness is a new generation of wellbeing programs for people who would like to improve, sustain and optimize their health to the max.

e-Vita offers a hybrid model of individual and corporate services provided at medical facilities, wellness & retreat centers, as well as via boutique concierge treatments.

We can be static and mobile – you will choose your perfect service model.

Our Mission

To inspire people to optimize their health & become the best versions of themselves by our science-backed approach and cutting-edge technology.


-e-Vita Team

Why e-Vita Wellness Services

• Increase energy
• Relieve pain
• Boost immunity
• Give immediate results
• Detox body
• Improve appearance
• and much more

Patients’ Benefits

• Our patients receive the latest, research-backed health, wellness, and anti-aging services. We shoot for the world’s best technology.
• The quality of service is the highest possible. You will be served by licensed, experienced, and highly qualified providers.
• Your treatments will be in a private and discrete environment.
• You can choose from individual treatments to programs and/or membership – which makes our services affordable to everyone.
• Our customers usually feel better immediately after the first treatment.
• Health & wellness services are provided in a spa-like environment.

Practitioners & Partners Benefits

• Doctors, wellness & retreat providers will receive additional recurring revenues.
• No additional cost is required.
• Practitioners don’t have to hire any additional employees or rent any space.
• All operations are low or non-effort.
• Simple service expansion if needed.

e-Vita Wellness is a win-win partnership for both patients and providers

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