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Jumpstart your system with a Pulsed electromagnetic field to achieve your physical and emotional wellness goals.

Red Light Therapy

Non-invasively solve all your skin flaws and health problems by exposing them to low wavelength red light.


Use frigid temperatures to numb your body or body parts out of pain, keloids, warts, cellulite, muscle tension, and more.

EPAT Shock Wave Therapy

Send waves to activate all your body functions by reinforcing foundational body processes.

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Nourish your cells by breathing 100% oxygen under high pressure to improve your wellness.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Instantly nourish your system with dripping vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients.

Lymphatic Drainage

Help your lymphatic system eliminate toxins & stagnated fluids, strengthen other body systems, speed up body processes.


Exercise with oxygen therapy – optimize your brain and body with infused workouts.

Infrared Sauna

Have your body directly warmed to sweat your way through physical, mental, and aesthetic upgrading.

Whole Body Vibration

Involuntary shake, relax and contract your muscles to achieve your fitness and other health & lifestyle goals.

Ozone Therapy

Enhance your cell’s oxygen content as an alternative to invasive, less-effective, and chemical medical procedures.

Advanced Lab Testing

Biometric, Gut Microbiome, Vitamins & Nutrition, DNA Optimization, Telomeres Testings, and more.

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