EWOT- Scale-Up Your Blood Oxygen Levels For Your Fitness and Health Goals

EWOT is used to improve oxygen circulation within the body. With time and age, your vessels start narrowing down. Hence, your cells start receiving less and less oxygen. You get weaker if the oxygen supply in the cells is inadequate. Also, you become more susceptible to diseases.

Athletes use Ewot to enhance both their physical and mental wellbeing. And in the long run, it gives them an advantage over their counterparts.

Getting EWOT has multiple health benefits you could take advantage of.

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But before you put your money into this therapy, you want to know how it works.  What does it entail? What are the EWOT benefits?

Read on for all essential EWOT information.

What is EWOT?

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) is gaining momentum as a way to improve athletic performance. It is also called Multistep Oxygen Therapy or Exercise with Oxygen Training. Regardless of the name, the idea is to inhale concentrated oxygen while exercising

EWOT is an acronym for Exercise With Oxygen Therapy.

During EWOT, you breathe in air with high oxygen concentration as you work out.  Low-flow face masks or nasal cannulas connected to oxygen generators and supply you with oxygen. They supply you with air that contains over 90% oxygen.

Wondering how room air moves from almost 20% to over 90% oxygen? 

 Oxygen generators take in the room air and then compress it. The generator then removes argon and nitrogen, leaving in it a high concentration of oxygen. (1)

The goal of EWOT is to enhance oxygen circulation in the body. Oxygen-rich blood means:

  • Increased inflammation
  • increased energy and enhanced health
  • faster body healing and recovery

Benefits of Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

EWOT can help reverse this by increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood and plasma, and also in the tissues

EWOT will influence your overall health and wellbeing. We discuss the specific benefits of EWOT in detail below.

Increases Oxygen Circulation in the Body

Exercise with oxygen therapy supplies oxygen to all body tissues.  It ensures the oxygen gets into the capillaries, veins and arteries.

Hence, it ends up nourishing the cells with oxygen. More oxygen in the cells means more potential to perform biochemical processes.

Insufficient oxygen supply in the body tissues and cells results in many diseases.  The oxygen insufficiency situation worsens with increasing age.

Why is getting enough oxygen so important?

Did you know: Lack of oxygen supply in the blood (also called hypoxia) results in many different types of cancer? Hypoxia creates a conducive environment for uncontrollable tumor growth.  High-pressure oxygen reduced cancer cell growth by over 15% in previous studies.  

Also, low oxygen levels in the blood increase oxidative stress in the body. Increased oxidative stress translates to speedy deterioration. Furthermore, it lowers the division and growth of cells.

Restores Blood Flow

All the biochemical processes in the body rely on adequate blood flow. However, medical conditions and stress lower the blood’s ability to release oxygen into the tissues.  

Decreased blood flow may:

  •  cause severe damage to body organs
  • interruption in organs like the liver and brain

Fortunately, EWOT restores blood flow. Increased blood flow directly translates to increased oxygen circulation.  Restoring oxygen flow also leads to the expansion of the previously constricted blood capillaries. Inadequate oxygen in the capillaries makes them swell, preventing further oxygenation.

Oxygen therapy such as EWOT minimizes capillary swelling, enhances circulation, and promotes oxygenation.

Increases the Production of ATP

With an inadequate oxygen supply, your energy levels begin to dwindle. However, with EWOT, every cell gets a supply of high concentration oxygen.  Adequate oxygen supply stimulates the manufacture of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is like a fuel source within the cells.

 With enough ATP, the blood cells separate from each other. The separation means that each cell can individually absorb oxygen.  This empowers the blood vessels to lead you through the healing path. With no adequate ATP, the healing process is slowed down.

Improved Mental Function

EWOT reduces capillary swelling and dilates the arteries.  Hence,  more oxygen-rich blood accesses the brain. More oxygen supply to the brain is suitable for:

  • enhanced processing speed
  • improved memory
  • Alertness

Furthermore, patients with chronic fatigue and chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) from either Mold or Lyme can benefit from EWOT.

EWOT in collaboration with a nasal spray can help fix:

  • symptoms of chronic fatigue
  • brain fog
  • cognitive dysfunction

For Sports Recovery

Exercise with oxygen therapy gets oxygen into the arteries, veins and even the smallest capillaries that make up over 74 percent of your circulatory system. By increasing oxygen circulation in the body, your cells are getting the O2 that they need to process the millions of biochemical reactions they undergo every day.

Higher oxygen concentration during a workout provides for a high-intensity workout at a slower pace.

The slower pace means:

  • reduced stress on the connective tissue
  • you keep enjoying the aerobic benefit and high lactate threshold of a high-intensity workout

Furthermore, with EWOT, you can go for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) without putting too much stress on the body muscles.

And just like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, EWOT helps your muscles recover from high-intensity and long endurance exercises.  With EWOT, you will long forget about muscle soreness.

Other EWOT benefits:

  • Spikes immunity
  • Accelerates recovery from illness or injury
  • Boosts energy
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Supports lung function/respiratory system
  • Improve physical performance
  • Allows for faster recovery after workouts
  • Improves vision
  • Improves mental capacity/memory
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Assists in weight loss
  • Promotes detoxification

During Ewot Session

You can exercise thrice a week. We recommend you do 15-minute workout sessions. Also, we recommend you use:

  •  a treadmill
  • stationary bike
  • elliptical

However, any workout equipment that does not require excessive head movement will get the work done.

Start by sprinting for 30 seconds. Alternatively, sprint until your heart rate hits 120 beats per minute. After that, you can get back to a regular exercise pace and heartbeat rate for 3 minutes. Then resume back to sprinting for another 30 seconds. Repeat this rhythm 3-5 times.

The modality of alternating?

The changes in the rhythm will enhance vasodilation. Furthermore, it will open up the arteries wider. Opening up the arteries broader means that the previously oxygen-deprived tissues will now get enough supply.

The science behind EWOT is to increase heart rate while breathing air with high oxygen concentration. Increased heart rate means the blood circulation is faster. Therefore, with the increased heart rate, while the blood oxygen levels are high, you will get the needed oxygen to body tissues faster.

It is a faster process than other oxygen sources.

Who Are the Best EWOT Candidates?

One of the most well-known benefits of oxygen therapy is its ability to improve cerebral blood flow. It’s why many people report clarity of vision and thinking directly after a session

Everybody can benefit from the EWOT benefits. Anyone, from athletes to elderly patients who would enjoy the benefits of increasing oxygen circulation in the body.

Risks and Side Effects of Ewot Oxygen Therapy

We recommend that you do EWOT for a maximum of 15 minutes per session. When you do it correctly and in no more than 15 minutes per session, there are no risks that will arise.

Breathing in higher levels of oxygen is generally safe and with no risks of oxygen toxicity.

However, adding EWOT to your exercise routine may result in some difficulties due to the sudden change.  Also, people who have not exercised for a long time and lack the physical stamina to endure a 15-minutes workout may experience some muscle pain after their EWOT session.  We, therefore, recommend that you start slow and gradually grow your way up to 15 minutes.

Also, we advise you to consult your doctor before starting.

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy(EWOT) Frequently Asked Questions

EWOT was invented by Manfred von Ardenne, physicist, researcher, and inventor, state award winner of the USSR, national award winner of the GDR. He had about 600 national and international patents, first already with 16 years

We answer some of the FAQs concerning this oxygen therapy.  If it enhances oxygenation and promotes circulation, it is a pro to the human body processes and body systems. So, before you add it to your exercise routine, it is ideal to familiarize yourself with all its aspects.

We hope that this faq will clear everything for you.

How do you exercise with EWOT?

While on EWOT, you will have to alternate between sprinting and average exercise pace. This shift will help dilate the arteries and constricted capillaries and enhance oxygen intake and circulation to the tissues.

 One of the critical factors to consider is that the exercise should not involve a lot of head movement. It may, otherwise, affect the oxygen intake from the oxygen concentrator through the mask.

What is EWOT exercise with oxygen benefits?

The three major benefits of EWOT include increased oxygen circulation, enhanced blood flow, and stimulation of the generation of ATP. The other benefits include:

  •  reduced muscle soreness after exercise
  •  improved immunity system
  • improved cerebral blood flow, which in turn improves brain and cognitive function

The Bottom Line

Oxygen is necessary for biochemical processes in the body. And, having it in high concentration while the heart rate is at its highest(while exercising) is more ideal. The fast-paced blood will ensure oxygen gets to all the tissues quickly. This is why we love to think of EWOT as a winning streak. It supplies oxygen amounts in the body at a fast pace. And it has no virtual side effects.

Incorporate EWOT In your workout routine and enjoy the many benefits it comes with. Also, check out other e-Vita Wellness Services.


I suffer from thalassemia minor and with my hemoglobin always dangling at 8ish, exercising becomes difficult. I’m always short of breath which makes working out more tiresome than normal. After trying EWOT, I feel much better with my workouts and have seen a boost in my weight loss goals as well. The staff made me understand its benefits and I must say, they did a fine job.

Terry Williams, IT manager

Fibromyalgia made it impossible for me to work out without getting dead tired. Walk.. that’s what doctors suggested as exercise. Because I’ve always believed in alternative therapies, I tried EWOT as soon as I got to know about it. I’ve tried different centers but E-vita is the most welcoming place I’ve ever been to.

Rick Taylor, Textile business owner

I like to relax once in a while by exercising with oxygen therapy after a long week at work. Honestly, this therapy has been a better option for me to unwind.

Ravi Anand, CTO

My husband had a reversible paralysis attack and although he was recovering well, he was not so keen on putting himself back out there. He still needed rehabilitation in his motor skills. My neighbor is a long-term client of E-vita and suggested I explore a few services. We tried EWOT for my husband, and it’s a great feeling to watch him smile after his session.

Linnett Cramer, Designer

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