Infrared Sauna- Direct Body Warming for Wellness Goals

An infrared sauna is your way to relax towards your weight, health, and mental goals?

Yes, we are talking about infrared saunas which are a big part of wellness services.

Nothing feels as fantastic as 30 minutes – 1-hour sweat sessions on a calm weekend evening.

When you are done with your infrared sauna, you will feel more relaxed and relieved from the pressurized lifestyle everyone seems to have right now. And it’s not just about how you feel immediately after the session. There is more to an infrared sauna.

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If you still doubt why many people are shifting to the infrared sauna direction, you should get yourself in the know.

We break it down on why you should shift to the infrared way of sweating it out.

Here is all the necessary infrared sauna information you need to know before booking your appointment.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna is also called a far infrared sauna.

An infrared sauna uses infrared lamps which use electromagnetic radiation to directly warm your body.

Notice the difference it has with traditional sauna? An infrared sauna warms up your body instead of heating the air around you.

The infrared panels used in infrared saunas easily penetrate the human body. The light panels heat your body at tolerable low temperatures of between  120˚F and 140˚F. These temperatures are bearable to put up with, unlike traditional saunas, which are usually between 150˚F and 180˚F.

Why would we be vouching for an infrared sauna this hard? It is because of how it works. It heats your body directly. This means that it allows the heat to penetrate deeper into your tissues without being brutal on you. Remember that it operates at lower and bearable temperatures.

More benefits without going through hell? Sure thing.

How do Infrared Saunas Work?

The goal of a sauna is to make you sweat as much as you would do during an intense workout.

 Infrared therapy uses light to create heat, which in turn warms you directly. The infrared heat is a therapy that we typically recommend to persons who cannot stand the unbearable temperatures of the traditional sauna.

Going for an infrared session is like going to your regular spa appointments. Many sessions last 30 minutes to an hour-long, depending on your choice. There is also a choice to go with the one-person sauna or two-person.

Are Infrared Light Saunas Safe?

They are FDA- approved, just to clear everything up.

 There are no potential dangers that can arise from an infrared sauna session. The infrared light is absolutely safe if used correctly.

The tip is to use it correctly for your safety. This is why we recommend that you get it from professionals to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Several studies have looked at using infrared saunas in the treatment of chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, headache, type 2 diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis, and found some evidence of benefit

What do I get from exposing my body to the infrared light and just let the sweat flow?

A lot.

Here are some Infrared sauna health benefits that your body will thank you for.

Pain Management

 If you are experiencing any pain, you are a good candidate for this heat therapy.

The infrared sauna works effectively for:

  • pain from arthritis
  • pain from soreness
  • improper joint movement

How is the radiant heat from the sauna going to relieve your pain? Genuine concern.

First things first, the heat from the sauna creates better circulation. Improved circulation helps the muscles relax, hence relieving pain.

Take it this way; if you work out today after such a long time, your muscles will be tense. So, If you don’t exercise the next day, the chances are super-high that the pain will not go away. If you go back to exercising the next day, you will relieve the tension on the sore muscles and relieve pain.

Infrared saunas work pretty much the same.


Working for a mere 8 hours nowadays feels like grinding for 48 hours straight. That is the world of today for you, everything is fast-paced and tough on people.

With the fast-paced life, many people end up stressed.

Cortisol is hitting you hard; you can only think of giving up. What now?

 A lower temperature sweat session will do you the needed justice. Infrared saunas help clear cortisol imbalances in the body. This, in turn, helps clear the not-so-pleasant feeling caused by stress.

Also, stress is characterized by tensed shoulder and back muscles. Infrared saunas will help you relieve tensed muscles.

Cardiovascular Health

Sweating is one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health by helping to eliminate toxins

An infrared sauna has some cardiovascular benefits that you can take advantage of. (1)

The infrared rays can either help prevent or improve your cardiovascular issues.

A previous study found out that people who had the sweat sessions twice or thrice a week have lower chances of getting cardiovascular diseases.

Skin Problems

Sweat comes out with toxins.

Skin health problems like acne are often a result of toxins in the skin.

When you are in the sauna, you sweat the toxins out. Also, some dirt accumulates on the skin pores. The intense sweating comes out with the toxins, and the dirt stuck in the pores.

You will leave the session with skin that feels good, softer, and looks healthy.

Also, several studies and evidence show how heat therapy helps in psoriasis which is an epidermis disease that causes a scaly rash that is itchy and painful. 


This therapy is relaxing for asthma patients.

Sauna typically helps clear the air pathways of people suffering from asthma. Furthermore, the infrared rays and the heat helps get rid of the phlegm.

If you are an asthma patient looking for a complementary treatment towards your wellness, infrared sauna will serve you right.


Saunas are so great with detoxification.

This goes hand in hand with solving skin problem benefits. Detox allows you to feel better in your body and on your skin.

Also, detoxification is a massive benefit of the immune system. (2) Some of the health problems it can help solve include:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • ADHD
  • ADD
  • Fibromyalgia

 Furthermore, it gives your digestion system and processes a boost.

Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss

This is usually a question of concern. Yes, it is true one of the potential benefits of the infrared sauna is weight loss.

You can lose up to an impressive 600 calories in just a 40-minutes sweating session. How does it do it?

First, the high temperatures in the sauna increase your heart rate just like a cardio workout does. An increase in heart rate translates to an increase in metabolic rate. And an increased metabolic rate translates to increased calorie burn.

Therefore, feel free to support your weight loss journey with infrared heat treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some questions on infrared saunas below. This hopefully gives you additional needed information on infrared saunas.

What are the benefits of an Infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna has a couple of health benefits. The most popular infrared saunas benefits include:

  • support in weight loss
  • detoxification
  • pain relief
  • rheumatoid arthritis management
  • high blood pressure management
  • cardiovascular health
  • asthma management

Also, it has shown desirable results in enhancing skin health and body relaxation. It has also shown success in treating chronic health problems such as fibromyalgia.

Also, research has shown that it helps improve sleep qualities. It reduces stress and relaxes you; this is a sure way to sleep better at night.

What is the Major Difference Between Traditional saunas and Infrared Saunas?

Traditional regular sauna bathing heats the air around you so that the air can, in turn, warm your body. On the other hand, infrared light saunas directly warms the core body temperature and not the air first.

Secondly, another significant difference comes in the thermal regulation aspect. Traditional saunas use high temperatures to ensure you get the effect. This is because the air has to hit up first before it hits the body’s core temperature. Infrared uses lower temperatures.

Can Infrared Saunas Help in Weight Loss?

Infrared light directly heats your body. The heat increases sweating, vasodilation of the arteries, heart rate, and blood volume being pumped per minute. All these are efforts your body puts in to lower the core temperature. Research shows that these efforts can be equated to the effort of walking at a moderate pace.

 So yes, you can lose weight through infrared saunas.

Are Infrared Saunas Safe?

The infrared sauna is generally safe. There are no adverse side effects reported.

However, you may want to keep off the spa or home sauna if you are alcohol intoxicated or having a hangover. Alcohol intoxication puts you at an increased risk of arrhythmia. Regular sauna increases the risk because it increases adrenergic activity.

Ensure you get cleared by your doctor if you have any health problems, especially for people with high blood pressure and heart problems.

The Takeaway

Infrared therapy soothes your mind by enveloping your body in relaxing warmth, also providing improved mental health

Moving closer to your wellness goals is something you should aim for daily. Luckily, working for your goals does not have to be challenging for you. Infrared saunas have been shown to have as many benefits as any other moderate cardio exercise. So refreshing at the instant, with a load of benefits later truly incredible.

You get to lay in the infrared sauna machine, have the time and temperature set, get your body heated, and wait to reap the benefits. So straightforward.

And, oh, you can bring your favorite book to read during the session.




The infrared sauna helped me a lot with my arthritis. I feel much better, energetic, and healthier in general

Arthur, Scientist

I’ve had asthma since early childhood and thought that there is no real relief for it. However, since going to infrared sauna sessions, my symptoms almost have disappeared. I highly recommend these treatments for everybody with the same problems.

Amy, HR Director

The infrared sauna is definitely a very important part of my weight loss program. It speeds up the slimming down process when I use it together with my diet and workouts.

Aisha, Interior Designer

My favorite, go-to detox method I wouldn’t trade for anything. Also, I used to have chronic fatigue (as a result of my stressful job), but it faded after the second month of me using the sauna weekly.

Amy, Attorney

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