PEMF Therapy: Proven Non-Drug Option for Pain

The fixing ability of PEMF therapy is just exemplary.

It is receiving all the buzz, thanks to its ability to replenish and cure different conditions.

Think of your body as a machine; yes, there are a couple of similarities between the two. And just like a machine, your system will have a lot of ups and downsides. This is quite similar to when a machine has wear and tear and requires maintenance services. Similarly, you need frequent ‘maintenance services’ to keep on track. 

And the body’s ‘maintenance’ service we are talking about is PEMF therapy.

Remember Joseph Flemming’s quote- You cannot pour from an empty cup; take care of your body first? To put it simply, PEMF therapy helps fill our cups. But how? What exactly is this PEMF therapy? How beneficial is it to our bodies?

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 Here is what you need to know concerning the PEMF wellness service.

What is PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed electromagnetic field(PEMF) therapy replenishes the body by enhancing the functioning of the cells. Think of PEMF therapy devices as equipment that repairs our bodies, making us feel better. It does this by recharging the body’s natural magnetic field. (1)

Exhaustion of the body’s electrical energy is the mother cause of health problems. PEMF works at a cellular level, helping the body rebuild its cellular functions, such as cell metabolism, which helps the body recover.

Many stressors hit our bodies and systems daily, thanks to the rushed world we live in. People are drained emotionally, physically, and mentally. And sometimes, even after having rest and all, you wake up still depleted and in need of more rest. Devastating.

But lucky for us, the e-vita wellness service is more of a savior in such situations.

How Does PEMF Therapy Work?

scheme how pemf works

PEMF therapy sends magnetic energy into your body’s magnetic field when you have low field magnetic stimulation. According to research, these energy waves are boosts your body’s healing process.

As a matter of fact, this enhancement in the body’s magnetic field increases the motion of ions and electrolytes in the body fluids and tissues. In addition, the increased motion, in turn, stimulates the electric, chemical, and mechanical processes in the body.

As a matter of fact, this process works more like jump-starting a car- which entails acquiring the much-needed energy from an external source.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy Benefits

You will love how this treatment is drug-free and non-invasive. With a collaboration with healthy living basics such as a healthy diet and regular exercise, you can accelerate your body’s healing process. (2)

Clinical research has shown that therapy PEMF effectively treats a wide variety of conditions, as discussed below.

PEMF Therapy For Chronic Pain Management

For body-aches, people opt for many different therapies or painkillers. Well, painkillers work by concealing the body-aches and not treating them, and people live on with it behind the scenes. If this goes on for a long-time, your body develops a resistance, which you do not want.

Furthermore, using painkillers over a long period may result in stomach problems or internal bleeding. Also, many other therapies have proven to be less effective for pain management

Thankfully, PEMF therapy produces magnetic fields over 10,000 times more potent than regular magnets and other pain treatments. 

Anyone with back pain problems would like how this therapy could change their life.

 How Does This Magnetic Therapy Relieve Pain?

pulsed electromagnetic field therapy affects the cell

Your body is made up of cells. In the light of the cell membrane of healthy cells is composed of negative and positive charges. Moreover, these charges are necessary to exchange ions that carry chemical ions all through your organs and tissues.

Cells and tissues age over time. As they age, the body’s natural magnetic charges and the ability to exchange ions wear down. This makes people more susceptible to:

  • pain
  • inflammation
  • fatigue

Moreover, low magnetic charges cause these symptoms in your system. For patients looking to reduce knee aches or inflammation, PEMF therapy would do you the much-needed justice.

Therapy PEMF Sleep Management

Studies have found that PEMF therapy helps improve the quality of sleep.

The electric currents from the magnetic field devices help relax the mind. Besides, it facilitates the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone) and human growth hormone (HGH). These hormones are associated with longevity and deep sleep.

 The body’s healing depends largely on high-quality sleep.

As a matter of fact, if you have been having sleep problems, PEMF therapy could be what your sleep pattern needs. 

 For Stress Management

Clinical research shows that frequent PEMF therapies can help in the reduction of stress.

 PEMF therapy changes how the body responds to stressors by acting on the endocrine in the nervous system and on cells and organs.

Also, you will love how PEMF relaxes you in extended periods of stress.

Note: FDA approved the use of Transcranial PEMF in treating drug-resistant depression in 2011.

 For Injury and Cell Recovery

The electromagnetic fields from a PEMF device stimulate the muscles to work harder for longer.

This process makes the recovery process even faster.

Also, PEMF boosts your energy production process. Research has shown that it increases cellular energy to over 500%.

And it’s not just that; PEMF gently triggers the production of stress proteins before exercise. These proteins are instrumental in:

  • Preventing wear and tear during exercise
  • accelerated healing from injuries.

 PEMF and Circulation

PEMF increases the uptake of oxygen into the cells and muscles by at least 1%. This is a considerable amount to increase endurance and performance.

Also, we recommend PEMF therapy to help grow your blood vessels. Moreover, the therapy stimulates the growth of the vessels, which in turn increases blood circulation.

Also, increased blood circulation would mean increased nutrition supply to the cells and quicker elimination of toxic wastes. For anybody, this means quicker pain relief and tenderness days after exercising.

 Athletes, this is your answer if you are looking for quicker recovery after strength training.

 PEMF Therapy and Bones Treatment

joint treatment
PEMF therapy effectively can realign the electricity in your cells. When a cell is stimulated, it allows positive charges to enter a cell in an open ION channel. The inside of this cell becomes positively charged, which will trigger other electrical currents, turning into pulses.
This can positively influence movement, healing, and sending of signals

PEMF therapy reduces swelling as it increases the range of motion in affected areas. by this, it:

  • regenerates damaged tissues
  • repairs torn tendons
  • fixes fractured bones

Furthermore, the electrical changes performed by this innovative treatment can help improve the self-healing property of your joints.

Moreover, this PEMF property has been in use for over 20 years in Europe. Luckily, the FDA recently approved the use of PEMF treatment of patients with:

  • non-healing bone unions
  • bone injuries from sports
  • migraine
  • FDA already approves other pain syndrome PEMF Therapy

Arthritis patients: still under PEMF and one treatment, this therapy could help improve arthritis patients’ health. This disease develops when there is inflammation between one joint and another, which often results in stiffness and pain. As the patient ages, the condition worsens. Moreover, this magnetic therapy can help shift the electric energy in the magnetic field, helping alleviate the symptoms of the disease. 

PEMF Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some PEMF therapy questions below. In the first place, this helps answer your queries and hopefully enlightens you more on pulsed magnetic therapy and how the provided electrical current helps alleviate different conditions in people.

 Is PEMF Therapy Safe?

This therapy is safe for everybody. It may only raise concerns if you have implanted an electronic device such as a pacemaker, cochlear hearing device, or defibrillator.

Also, it may raise concerns if you are pregnant, actively bleeding, or with blood clots. Do your due diligence before booking your PEMF Therapy Los Angeles.

Ensure you talk to your doctor before booking your appointment at the PEMF wellness center.  

 Is PEMF Therapy FDA-Approved?

A lot of prospective patients worry about whether this therapy is FDA-approved. A PEMF machine is not a medical substance. They, therefore, do not need to be FDA-approved.

However, the FDA has approved its uses in the treatment of specific conditions.

 Who Are the Best Candidates for PEMF Therapy?

pemf therapy
Pulsed PEMF therapy helps restore this disruption in electrical current to the normal state, which promotes overall wellness

We recommend this in reducing pain, especially for the paints with pain in the joints such as :

  • ankles
  • necks
  • elbow
  • shoulder and knee

Other than the attainment of no or less pain, we also recommend it to individuals who may need to treat or achieve the following health gains:

  • Increasing circulation
  • reduce inflammation
  • Accelerating bone healing
  • Enhancing muscle function
  • Reducing the effects of stress.
  • Improving blood oxygenation
  • Reduces swelling
  • injury treatment
  • managing arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Diabetic peripheral neuropathy
  • better skin health
  • better cell metabolism

 Final Thoughts

It is crystal clear that a shift of energy in the magnetic fields could be the much-needed relief your whole body and brain need.

As a matter of fact, PEMF technology has proven to be super effective for people who want to reduce pain and treat an injury. And as if the PEMF benefits are not enough, the different frequencies of this treatment have no known serious side effects on your health.

“I would never have a treatment that is full of benefits and no known and recorded serious side effects,” said nobody ever.

Also, wellness enthusiasts, go ahead and book your appointment; it could be the life-changing treatment your system and brain craves. Remember that all benefits of this pulsed magnetic therapy are regenerated from a cellular level, of course, making it solve issues from their core.

 Why Us?


After a super stressful period in my personal life, I found myself on multiple anti-depressants and alcohol, so I felt hopeless. My sister recommended me PEMF therapy. It took a while, but after two and a half months, I’m entirely off medications, sober and have no issues with depression at all.

Mirna, Boutique Owner

I started therapy to treat hormonal imbalance. I felt a huge difference after the second session. Also, my thyroid improved significantly as well. Highly recommend PEMF treatments.

Jennifer, Allergist

PEMF therapy changed my sleep forever. I was so tired after endless restless nights when I could not fall asleep or woke up after every thirty minutes. After my second session, I felt a slight improvement, but I slept like a baby again after seventh. I did not expect, but my knee pain disappeared as a bonus

– Nancy, PR Director

I started PEMF therapy over two years ago. I’m in the IT industry and spend in front of my computer over 60 hours per week. I had severe pain in my wrists and shoulders. Today I’m pain-free due to those miraculous treatments

David, IT Architect

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