Red Light Therapy – Anti-Aging and More

If you are a healthy-skin-and-live-enthusiast, you must have heard about red light therapy and its unbeatable benefits. 

People who used it before may make this light therapy seem like a health optimization and skincare charm. Here, at e-Vita Wellness, we provide high-quality treatments.

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The truth is, there is a lot to be excited about light therapy. The treatment is a bit controversial, but it is a sure heavyweight in the skincare and aesthetics industry. 

You need to watch out for it, mainly because it has proven to have an endless string of benefits. 

The question would be; should you get it or not? We are definitely voting for it!

Find out more about the treatment before taking any sides. 

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy (RLT) is a treatment that may help skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of your body heal

Red light therapy is a form of LED light therapy that uses red LEDs to emit low-level wavelengths that noninvasively penetrate your skin surface. The mitochondria in the body absorb the red light energy and use it to create energy. 

Experts believe that the energy created is used in boosting different health aspects and in cellular repair. But most importantly, the energy produced stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts. To put it simply, when your cells receive red light, a plethora of regenerative effects occur. 

Red light therapy is also called:

  • photobiomodulation (PBM)
  • low-level light therapy (LLLT)
  • low power light therapy
  • low-level laser
  • soft laser therapy
  • biostimulation
  • photonic stimulation
  • low-power laser therapy (LPLT)
  • Cold laser therapy

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light does not feel hot when it comes into contact with your skin’s surface. It, however, creates friction and heat as it goes below the skin surface. This energizes the skin cells by increasing their activity. This, in turn, causes them to divide and reproduce faster. As they divide, new cells form two copies of themselves. The regeneration process is rapid; new cells forming and replacing the old ones. 

And it is from this rapid regeneration that red light therapy benefits arise. 

What Does Red Light Therapy Do?

The regeneration process of the therapy results in:

  • healthier skin cells
  • increased blood circulation to the skin surface(Translation: more nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells)
  • a more youthful appearance
  • increased natural cellular regeneration

Red Light Therapy Skin Benefits

RLT exposes you to low levels of red or near-infrared light. Infrared light is a type of energy your eyes can’t see, but your body can feel as heat. Red light is similar to infrared, but you can see it.

 For a long time, red light treatment is linked to flourishing skincare. And it rightfully deserves that recognition, thanks to its high success rates. 

We discuss why doctors, dermatologists, and other health professionals keep vouching for this lower-power laser therapy.

Here are some skin benefits that you can enjoy. 

Improved Skin Complexion 

Exposure to red light significantly improved skin complexion in people who have used a device before.

The therapy improves not only your skin complexion but also your skin feeling. Your skin will feel softer and have denser collagen. 

If you would love to get rid of the skin roughness, scheduling red light therapies will do the work for you. 


It is safe to say that red light therapy gained its popularity due to its anti-aging prowess. 

The lower power laser therapy is effective in slowing and eliminating aging signs. 

Red light protects the existing collagen and enhances the production of more collagen. Notice why it is referred to as the fountain of youthfulness? The intradermal collagen density increase is good in the reduction of:

  • untimely wrinkles
  • pore sizes
  • fine lines
  • crow feet

This is a sure way to cut off some years of your age. 

Wound Healing

Sometimes, a deterioration in the immune system can make wounds heal slower. If you want to quicken the speed at which your wounds heal, we recommend that you get treatment.

Red light therapy helps in the closure of the skin tissue because it increases tissue repair and healing. 

It was found to be more helpful in healing burns. 


When you were a teenager, you must have bumped into people telling you not to worry about your acne. 

“It’s puberty, and your hormones are just all over the place. It will go away with time. Don’t worry.”

But even in middle age and even in your 50s, you realize that acne can hit you at any time. It is never about age. 

When the red light is used with blue light therapy, they help reduce acne and acne-related blemishes. 

In case you are wondering how the therapy works on acne…

The sebaceous glands manufacture sebum, which may eventually clog the pores and cause acne. Red light calms the overactive glands, which eventually leads to acne relief. It does so by penetrating the skin and calming the inflamed and irritated area. 

It is the same way sun rays may help solve the acne issue. Careful though, overexposure to sun rays and their UV rays may result in more skin issues such as skin cancer.  

For this benefit, red light is often combined with blue light therapy for better results. It can, however, achieve the goals as a stand-alone treatment. 

Scar Reduction

This low-level laser therapy is good for reducing the appearance of scars. 

If you have scars you want to mitigate, then consider getting this therapy. The treatment enhances skin tissue regeneration, which will eventually lead to scar clearance. 

Hair Growth

A small study conducted found out that red light increased hair density. 

The people under the therapy had their hair volume, and density enhanced compared to the controlled trial group who did not have red light procedures.

The treatment has promising results in people with alopecia. However, more clinical research is needed to show the relationship between red light wavelengths exposure and hair growth. 

Other Benefits 

Red light therapy uses very low levels of heat and doesn’t hurt or burn the skin. It’s not the same type of light used in tanning booths, and it doesn’t expose your skin to damaging UV rays

Red light devices offer more benefits than just skin treatment. This therapy has more to it. 

Yes, skin treatment stands out, but there are other skin-unrelated benefits of red light therapy. 

Muscle Recovery 

The therapy is good for muscle repair and recovery, primarily workout-related. It is suitable for pre and post-workout muscle recovery. 

It has been found that the therapy led to:

  • reduced muscle soreness
  • less muscle strength loss
  • reduced range-of-motion impairments 

Furthermore, red light has been found to reduce knee muscle fatigue after a workout. 

 This amazing therapy can be an asset in your workout and fitness journey. Athletes combine it with infrared lights to enhance speedy muscle recovery. 

Pain Treatment

This lower laser therapy is an effective treatment for pain

Research shows that this treatment can reduce pain in adults who have various musculoskeletal disorders. 

Further research shows that red light is good in reducing inflammation and pain in people with:

  • general knee pain
  • rheumatoid arthritis 
  • osteoarthritis knee pain
  • meniscus tears
  • back pain

The success rates of red light treatment are so impressive that the FDA approved its use to reduce inflammation and treat minor pain and arthritis. 

Oral Health

Red light has been shown to be good for your oral health. 

Here are some RLT benefits to your oral health:

  • prevents gum diseases
  • relieves pain in the gums
  • helps whiten teeth
  • fights bacteria and oral microbes that result in foul breath

Red Light Therapy(Low-Level Laser Therapy) Pros and Cons

Many studies support red light therapy as an effective treatment modality in treating pre-cancerous lesions like actinic keratoses. It’s typically used with a topical photosensitizer to be effective

Just like all treatments, red light has its strengths and downsides.  (1)

We highly vouch for it, but it does have its weaknesses too. We, however, love how its strengths effortlessly outweigh its weaknesses. 

 Here are some of the red light pros and cons you need to know before booking that appointment. 

Red Light Therapy Pros

  • It has been scientifically proven that red light therapy can help fix and manage many health and aesthetic issues.
  • Red light is a natural and non-invasive treatment
  • It is a low-risk treatment that comes with an array of health benefits.
  • Red light makes it simple to implement in your daily life, such as your fitness journey or skincare routine.

Cons of Red Light Treatments

  • Red light may not sit well with people sensitive to light therapy. This is why you need to test and identify sensitivity. 
  • The quality of red light treatment devices varies greatly. This is why you need to get the therapy supervised before learning the treatment settings and specific wavelengths to watch out for. The devices you use must have FDA clearance for your safety. 

Red Light Therapy(Low-Level Light Therapy) Vs. Other Light Therapies

Red light therapy can be used on all skin types, including the most sensitive, and the science behind it is promising. Realistically, you can expect a gentle way to correct specific skin conditions while simultaneously slowing down the signs of aging.  

How does red light compare to other color therapies? (2)

Different light wavelengths have different effects on the human cells and eventually the body. You need to understand your treatment goals before settling for specific wavelengths. 

Here is how red-light compares to other colors. 

Red Light vs. Blue Light Therapy 

Red light is suitable for:

  • increased elastin and collagen production
  • quicker cell reproduction

For this reason, it is known for its effectiveness in skin treatment. 

 On the other hand, blue light is excellent for:

  • bacteria elimination
  • pore penetration

When the two treatments are combined, they result in reduced inflammation and scarring. 

 Red Light vs. Infrared Light Therapy 

The primary difference between red light and infrared light treatments is, red light therapy works on the skin surface, or just below the skin surface. On the other hand, infrared light penetrates deep into the body tissues and muscles. 

A combination of red and infrared light therapies will excellently relieve soreness in the body tissues. 

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

Red light therapy is generally considered safe. As with anything, there have been some mild side effects reported like eye strain, so you may want to consider using proper eye protection when using a full face panel or mask device


Any light-emitting diode therapies are safe for use in humans. 

Generally, LEDs produce less heat than a regular light bulb. Because of the low temperatures they emit, you can use them regularly and comfortably on your body. 

Red light therapies are administered in many dermatologist’s offices. They are further approved for human use by the FDA. This proves to you that the led light therapies are safe for your use. 

Furthermore, red and infrared LED lights contain no UV rays. You, therefore, have no reason to worry about skin cancer. 

Red Light Therapy Side Effects

Too much exposure to red light for too long can result in potential eye damage, blisters, and burns. 

This is why you need to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions or have the therapy supervised by professionals. 

However, it is recommended to have a maximum of three sessions per day. The risk factor starts increasing when you go above that. 

Ensure you have proper eye protection while on your red light therapy session. 

 Other than that, there are no severe side effects of red light therapy. 

Red Light Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

If you plan on using red light therapy at home, make sure you do your homework while looking for devices, especially with so many on the market. The sweet spot for both therapeutic and cosmetic benefits is between the mid-600 to 900 nanometer

Red light therapy is undoubtedly super effective in anti-aging treatments, especially in clearing fine lines and wrinkles. It has also proven to have several other skin-related and skin unrelated benefits. 

Despite this, it remains controversial in the healthcare world, mainly because it is unclear how many sessions you need to start seeing results. We answer red light therapy FAQs below to help clear any doubts. 

What does Red Light Therapy Do?

Red light therapy helps fix both medical and cosmetic problems. It is suitable for the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow feet. It is also suitable for other skin issues such as acne. 

Furthermore, it is an excellent treatment for pain, sore muscles, and oral diseases. 

How Many Sessions of Red Light Therapy Does it Take to see results?

 Just like any legit skincare product or treatment, it will take you some time to see red light therapy results. 

 Usually, the sessions last 3-10 minutes. If you have it daily or on the minimum thrice a week, you will start seeing minor results after a week or two. 

However, long-term and more tangible results may start showing after 3-6 months of consistent use. 

Final Words

The red light therapy in the skincare world is undisputed, thanks to the promising results it shows. It’s role in skin rejuvenation is incredible. It is a highly effective treatment that can turn around your health and aesthetics. 

It is as straightforward as turning a switch on and letting the visible red light penetrate your skin’s surface.

 With consistency, you will soon see the results of the therapy as well as from other e-Vita Wellness Services.


Got my son’s puberty acne healed with red light therapy at e-Vita. Apart from his restored confidence, it’s a treat to see him pain-free. Would definitely recommend their services! Great staff!

Rosa Davis, Attorney

I absolutely love my red light therapy sessions with e-Vita! So far I’ve tried it for my chronic knee pain, my teeth, a rash and it has worked well for all of it. The place is ultra-clean and comfortable.

Tim Brown, CEO

This is by far the quickest anti-aging treatment. I definitely see a visible difference in my face. I feel the collagen is back at work. Have recommended their expertise to many of my friends and will continue to do so!

Jessica Phillip, Designer

It’s great to treat yourself with such self-care methods! I started red light therapy recently on my 37th birthday, and it has done wonders for me just in a few sessions!

Nancy Martinez, CEO

woman during red light therapy session with joovv device

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