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Whole-body vibration is a huge part of the E-Vita wellness program. It is now becoming a very popular treatment/exercise in wellness centers, spas, and gyms.

But, we won’t term it as something new; it has been popular since the 90s. In fact, there are traces of its use in ancient Greece.

When whole-body vibration is mentioned, many people’s minds quickly shift to an alternative to regular exercise, training, and fitness. And the picture a lot of people get from hearing this is passive exercising.

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“Passive exercise? Well, can I catch up with my favorite TV shows and at the same time shed the excess fats?”  We all wish it were this straightforward. But that is what some researchers portray when they go about this therapy; to sit and do nothing while simultaneously working out.

But is that it? 

The questions that arise from this are,

  • What is this treatment, and how does it work?
  • Can it replace regular training and exercises? Can I use it to exercise my entire body?
  • And what does it have to offer beyond fitness?
  • Are there any downsides to using the vibration transmission from whole body vibration devices?

Let’s explore all you need to know about the whole body vibration.

 What is Whole Body Vibration Training?

The vibration force activates the stretch muscle reflexes, making your muscles work hard even when you don’t perform any type of exercise, so in a way, the machine is working for you

A whole-body vibration training plate or simply called a vibration machine usually powers the training. (1)

The vibration machine vibrates at a specific set frequency. The machines have different frequencies and adjustable speeds. The power plate typically vibrates at a frequency of 15-70 Hz and an amplitude of 1-10 millimeters. However, the most effective frequency for most people was found to be a constant 30Hz.

The vibration activates the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems.

How Does Whole Body Vibration Work?

To get started, you will have to sit, lie or stand on the vibration machine.

Important: While standing, your knees should always be bent.

While on the vibration machine, the waves it sends to your body contract and relaxes your body muscles. The relaxation and contractions are always rapid and rhythmic. .

The relaxation and contraction of the muscles help the nutrients and oxygen access the body tissue with a lot of ease. It is through this that we achieve the whole body vibration benefits.

Ever wondered why researchers sometimes refer to WBV as the light neuromuscular resistance training method? It’s because of how the human body eventually adapts to rapid and repeated short intermittent exposure to oscillations. 

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

WBV training has proven to be super effective

From its use to any health and weight-conscious people to its practical use by professional athletes. The results of the training are crystal clear.

Here are some of the widespread and obvious benefits.

Stronger Muscles

Muscle strength is one of the top benefits you get from body vibration.

When you sit or stand on the vibrating platform, your muscles relax and contract at an impressive speed of at least 30 times per second. In this vibration, the muscles of the human body stretch to regain their stability.

This process involves intense movements of muscle fibers, strengthening muscles in the process.

Tip: To intensify muscle strength in the process, consider performing static and dynamic exercises such as pushups, lunges, and squats. A combination of the vibrations and the exercises is a sure way to boost your muscle performance.

Disclaimer:  Performing dynamic exercises such as squats on the vibrating platform may be difficult as it requires more strength. However, the different variations you apply at various angles enhance the effectiveness of the exercises. This diversity will;

  • increase muscle density
  • activate more muscles during exercise
  • improve muscle growth

 Lowers Blood Pressure

If you have been trying to regulate high blood pressure, then full body vibration will serve you the purpose.

Sessions minimize the hardening of arteries, which in turn regulates blood pressure. A study conducted in men in their mid-twenties and postmenopausal women proved how body vibration significantly lowered blood pressure.

 Strengthens Bone Density

WBV exercise can excellently pass as a non-drug alternative to osteoporosis prevention, improvement, and management.

To better improve bone density or reduce bone loss, it is recommended that you have vibration exercises at least thrice a week for 15 minutes per session.

 Improve Balance, Flexibility, Coordination

 Over time, you will notice that your body balance, coordination, and flexibility are improved

In regular traditional exercises, we contract and relax our muscles at least twice or thrice per second. You can never compare this to the whopping 30 times per second people get from the vibrating platforms.

While on the vibration machine, your hip flexors and your core are engaged while standing or performing exercises. The movement of these muscles makes the joints grow stronger.

This whole-body vibration health benefit is significant for older adults. It works like magic in regaining the original human gait.

 Increase Immunity and Stimulate the Lymphatic System

Muscle contraction and relaxation improve blood circulation. Increased blood circulation would mean one thing; more nutrients and oxygen reach the muscles.

Increased oxygenation speeds up the body’s recovery process. Besides, it also quickens metabolic waste elimination.

Also, whole-body vibration stimulates the lymphatic system. A faster lymphatic system directly translates to a stronger immune system. Therefore, getting the training means that you get to shield your body against infections.

Furthermore, as you age, lymph health becomes a key role player in your overall health. Getting whole body vibration helps drain the lymph nodes. Releasing the trapped toxins and fats from the lymphatic system could be a boost your body desperately needs, and you can achieve it through whole body vibration exercises.

 Lower Cortisol Levels

Cortisol ( or the stress hormone) is released by the adrenal glands.

Cortisol helps your body deal with stressful periods. However, if its level surges, it becomes more harmful than beneficial. If its level remains higher for longer, you risk:

  • Weight gain
  • High blood pressure
  • Negative moods
  • Reduced energy levels
  • Susceptibility to diabetes
  • Deterioration in sleep quality

You do not want increased cortisol levels affecting your functional performance.

A study showed that whole-body vibration wbv on a regular basis in men reduced cortisol levels by an incredible 32%.

With the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, stressors tend to hit us left, right and center. However, with an asset such as Whole body vibration Los Angeles, we don’t have to worry about cortisol levels taking a negative toll on our bodies.

 Weight Loss

The number of calories your body burns will depend on the frequency and strength of the vibrations

Finally, we know. We have been saving the best for the last. And drum rolls, the whole body vibration benefit many people have been waiting for is here.

From previous research, full-body vibration showed the potential of accelerating weight loss. However, they also found out that there was no massive change in body fat percentage despite the fat-burning.

 A considerable change is often noticed when whole-body vibration is complemented by regular and traditional exercises. And, it would definitely not happen overnight. (2)

 This bit really reminds us of Jenna Wolfe’s wise words,  “You didn’t gain all your weight in one day; you won’t lose it in one day. Be patient with yourself.”

Gradual, but you will eventually get there.

How Does Whole Body Vibration for Weight Loss work?

When the vibration platform is in motion, your muscles contract rapidly. Even though the contraction and relaxation are reflexive, energy is still required. The contraction and relaxation of muscles and also the use of energy result in the burning of calories.

Also, remember that people sometimes perform exercises such as squats, crunches, and lunges on the vibration platform. A combination of the vibrations and movements originating from these exercises would accelerate weight loss.

 Note: You must keep living an active lifestyle to lose weight. Remember that the whole body vibration exercises complement regular exercise to accelerate weight loss.

 Whole Body Vibration vs. Regular Traditional Training for the Fitness Journey

For weight loss, whole-body vibration has almost the same benefits as strength training.

The most significant difference would be WBV is more passive because your muscles are moved involuntarily. However, regular heavy weight lifting or strength training involves voluntary muscle contractions.

Secondly, whole-body vibration places the load on your body’s bones and tissues, causing them to work against a resistive force. The vibration platform you are exerting weight on works to make your body feel heavier by increasing the gravitational force.

Effects of Whole Body Vibration

This physical therapy has been known to cause what feels like motion sickness.

And just like motion sickness, the side effects of vibration training disappear shortly after the motion stops. 

Shortly after you step from the machine, you may experience:

  • fatigue
  • stomach upsets
  • headaches
  • loss of balance

The bright side is that these are short-lived and would never outweigh the benefits of the whole body therapy vibration. 

 We also recommend that pregnant women keep off the vibrating platform. Also, if you have any illnesses, be sure to consult your doctor before the training. 

 We also recommend that pregnant women keep off the vibrating platform. Also, if you have any illnesses, be sure to consult your doctor before the training.

Whole Body Vibration FAQs

A whole-body vibration is a form of training and therapy used for a variety of health and fitness goals, from strength training and muscle toning to circulation or flexibility enhancement and rehabilitation

Remember when vibrating machines were one of the favorite equipment in old school gyms? And in that era, it was clear that they were used to quicken weight loss. People did not understand how it worked. And, many people were even clueless about its other health benefits.

We answer a few WBV FAQs below to help enlighten you more.

 Do Whole Body Vibration Machines Work?

Yes. The mechanical oscillations generated by the machines work by shifting the muscles from their resting. The contraction and relaxation of the vibrations have known to result in:

  • quicker cure for muscle soreness
  • accelerated weight loss
  • improved flexibility
  • enhanced blood flow
  • strength building
  • reduction of the stress hormone cortisol
  • increased bone mineral density

 Is Whole Body Vibration Safe?

Yes, this therapy is safe for every age group. It has benefits that can be ideal for older adults and middle-aged people.

For safety concerns, this therapy has very mild and short-lived side effects. Nothing severe and adverse.

Final Thoughts

Whole-body vibration is a promising therapy in the health industry. From the evident fitness and health benefits it offers, we can confidently say that body vibration is an effective complementary therapy to physical medicine and exercises.

Yes, the health benefits of the whole-body vibrations are even more promising when you combine it with an active lifestyle such as regular traditional training. Therefore, as you start using body vibrations for its fitness or health benefits, be sure to keep on living a healthy and active lifestyle. It is the only way to maximize the benefits.



The weight loss was a long journey for me, but the vibration sessions gave me the final push. Love my results

Erica N, Registered Nurse

My corporate job is pretty stressful, but full body vibration definitely helps with stress relief and bringing down my cortisol level. The “worry-free”post-treatment feeling is powerful, and it lasts for a long time.

Steve, VP of Operations

I didn’t believe at first that vibration exercises can help with blood pressure (which I could not regulate for years). But mine was noticeably lower after the first session. By now, I had about eight training which keeps my blood pressure down and stable.

Richard, Pscychiatrist

Not only my blood pressure is down, but my immune system is much stronger – I stopped getting colds all of the time. Since last year, I’ve been doing full-body vibration sessions and see considerable improvements in how I feel in general.

– Dakoda, Gallery Owner

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1 https://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/features/passive-exercise-whole-body-vibration#1

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